According to the U. S. Department of Justice, every 2 minutes someone in the United States is sexually assaulted.  There are approximately 700,000 registered sex offenders in the United States with 80,000 – 100,000 of those unaccounted for at any given time.  Almost half of all sexual assaults are unreported.

So, what are the chances you will become a victim amongst all the numbers?  What are the risk factors?  How should you handle home, work, school, car, and street threats?  Is hope the most you will do to protect yourself?  What will hope do for you if you are selected a target?  Should you have a passive or active self defense response?  How and which self defense device should you use?  Will it help against acquaintance and stranger offenders?  What is the best defense for you?

Prevention is a component of our program.  But, If prevention fails you must have a physical self defense solution.  We will work together to build up or add to the skill set you need.  The program concludes with  reality based simulation scenarios.  The scenarios allow us to measure your skill level.   It’s important you attend the next W.A.R.P.™ seminar and allow us to help answer these and other survival questions or request a seminar for your friends, family, staff, club, or organization with
your iProtectUSA team.

“Don’t be a defenseless victim!!!”

iProtect USA classes are open to all regardless of experience level (beginner, medium, advanced).  The difference between the course levels lies in the variety of the techniques, the complexity of the problems addressed, the level and intensity of defense and the number of attacks.

  • Reproducing real life street situations (including all types of scenarios with varying levels of stress),
  • Work perception and prevention of danger (How to anticipate a problem and manage it),
  • Working reaction and instinctive responsiveness (How to react quickly using proper defense), and
  • Mental work, positive aggression (Enter stage battle to adopt the best defense in terms of the attack).
  • Bare hands, and
  • With any type of weapons.
  • One against one,
  • Against multiple offenders,
  • Working under a disability,
  • Protecting a third party,
  • Workplace confrontation,
  • Facing the unknown (including distinct situations:  standing, sitting on the ground, etc.), and
  • Mixed session of men and women.
  • Facing sudden attacks to awaken instinctive gesture of defense and immediate reflex (even at the beginner level),
  • Developing strong mental will, determination and self-control, and
  • Building muscular and cardiovascular endurance.

We also emphasize work confrontation with yourself, face unknown (distinct situations: standing, on the ground, sitting etc.) Men and women are mixed in the technical sessions, as well as during fighting, and in the street. Mental work determination and self-control will play a very important role.

During the course, and depending on the subject, we will also work on building muscle, cardiovascular endurance.

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