Robbery involves violence and has many legal descriptions of it’s elements.  It’s easy for some to get caught up in legal definition and language.  Our immediate concern is not the debate of what type of punishment the offender should receive for his breaking the law but how we will survive the violent attack. 

Robbery type attacks can be traced back to the beginning of civilization.  Our research shows only the methodology of the attack has changed over time.  We consistently analyze the behavioral patterns and trends of those who victimize with violence.  Our goal is to expose the truth about the violent methods used to terrorize victims during robbery and help in it’s awareness, avoidance and answer the question of optimal armed and/or unarmed personal defense response options. 

RoboTECH addresses Robbery Obstruction Techniques as a comprehensive plan of action.  Team iProtect
USA uses this response plan and it’s personal protection techniques to help close off vulnerabilities and to open alternatives to simply being a defenseless victim of violence.  We offer RoboTECH for Individuals, families, corporate and government organizations.

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