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Placing an order for our beautiful and meaningful Tribute Codes is easy and fast. There’s no need to create an account first, however we do recommend doing so. By creating an account, you will receive order confirmations, shipping confirmations and tracking information regarding your order.

Orders can be placed online, via phone, or email.

Placing an Order:

Each Tribute Code plaque, jewelry, or memorial item comes with a free life time subscription to the Tribute Page. We can create and design the Tribute Page for you with information provided by you, or you can create it yourself.

Each of our Tribute Code plaques are completely customized to meet your taste. We have different sizes, shapes, quotes, and images that can be selected. Please select these options once you select from the options below.

Please view and select from the available personalized and beautiful memorial options below and follow the easy steps to submit your order.


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