It’s been said, that the most vulnerable link in a home defense system is it’s dwelling occupants.  Failing to use your home defense security features such as locks, alarms, lighting, cameras and vigilance is the easiest means of allowing access to your home and family.
Today’s Home Invasion Offender wants you to drop your guard so he can use the time and privacy of your sanctuary for his perverted objective.  Each of his objectives will include violence and terror.  Our wish is for you to never experience such an event. Our plan is that you survive it if placed in harms way. 
Home Defense Tactics & Vulnerabilities (H.D.T.V.) addresses the myths and facts about home defense.

  Home Defense Tactics & Vulnerabilites seminar includes:                                      

-Firearms and other Weapons in The Home                                                                 -Home Safety Tactics
-Structure Fortification                                                                                                      -Scenario Training
-Transition Peril Awareness                                                                                             –Safety, Tactical & Responsiblity Considerations
– Comprehensive Subject Matter Discussion & Analysis                                             – Assorted Physical Maneuver Drills
-Home Owner Association Xeno Planning

Team iPtotectUSAs’ safetypedia will move your family from a black and white television to a High Definition understanding of home defense.  Our DIAL teaching system will allow for constant home security solutions and adaptation.  No matter what the makeup of your home, security protection is possible and necessary.  Request a home defense assessment now.

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