Yes, you have the choice of creating a memorial website without purchasing any of our products, though to fully utilize this amazing concept, we highly recommend any of our products as you can view your unique Tribute Page from anywhere.  

After you have submitted your loved ones life legacy, photos, and videos, your personalized website will be online within 48 hours.

If set to public, your personalized memorial website can be viewed from our main website, by clicking the Search Tribute Pages tab. You can also share your personalized website via a social networking site such as Facebook, Twitter etc., or you can e-mail your personalized link directly to your family or friends.

All comments submitted are held in Que until  the administrator approves the comment. Then it gets posted to your website.

Yes, every memorial website has a Guest Book for visitors to post comments or share memories. All comments will be sent to the creator of the page for approval before posting.

When you create your memorial page, you can choose to have it set to public or private. If you select private, your memorial page will not be listed in our online directory but the page can be viewed by anyone who scans the Tribute Code Plaque or jewelry you purchase.