There are many reasons and methods used by the crime element to steal your car.  But, the most intrusive and violent is the carjacking.  If the theft of the vehicle is the only goal of the bandits, then we all agree to let them take it without a struggle.  However, for more deviant offenders, carjacking is a gateway crime multiplier. These gateway type attacks lead to further elevated violence and terror.  Statistics show robbery, torture, rape and murder are the final ending to some of these violent attacks.  We have seen trends and patterns demonstrated by this species of predator. 

The iProtectUSA team is eager to help you develop defensive answers of avoidance, awareness and arsenal development against imminent danger to you and your passengers.  Our Gauged Personal Security (GPS) measures will steer you towards an effective, efficient, and prudent pathway of remedy.  Our avoidance approach makes an elusive target while awareness makes for a hard target and the CKing arsenal makes the last resort a lifeline.  If all else fails and you must fight for you life or that of your companions you should have the physical self defense training edge.  

 Don’t take another trip without the roadmap designed to checkmate the


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