I’m a 17 year old high school teenage male, and I train with my mom! iProtect USA is helping us both, in so many ways. Because we train together, we can also practice at home together. It also helps us to know that we are both trained and can back each other up if an attacker were to ever enter our home, or even attempt to attack us when we’re together in public.

My mother has mentioned to me, on many occasions, how valuable this training is to her because it helps her worry a little less about me. Unfortunately, the world we live in now is not a safe one, and that includes schools. Because of the training I have had with iProtect USA and Jason, I’m confident that if an incident happened at my school, I have a better chance at survival, and even helping others survive as well. I’m confident that I could defend myself and my mom if the need arose. I’m glad that I’ve been trained early in life, and that iProtect USA is helping me to develop such valuable skills. Situational awareness and confidence in my ability to defend myself are two of the most valuable weapons a teenager can “carry”. iProtect USA and Jason have given me those skills, and they are gifts I will value for the rest of my life.       -Ryan