This training could save your life! iProtect USA has shown me that owning a gun is no guarantee of my safety, or the safety of my family. I’m a small-framed, slender woman, so iProtect is training me not only to retain my gun or weapon if I were to be attacked, but more importantly, how to defend myself against an attacker who is most likely going to be armed. I didn’t feel confident that my firearm would not be taken from me and used against me in an attack. I wondered how I would respond if an attacker tried to overpower me or use a weapon against me. iProtect USA’s training has shown me how to defend myself in these scenarios. I have been training with iProtect USA and Jason, and I find it to be one of the most valuable experiences I have ever had. Jason is an excellent instructor, incredibly patient, and an expert in his field. He understands the reality of the kind of attacks that are most likely to happen in our day to day lives. He has shown me the secrets to leveling the playing field between a smaller female and a larger, stronger attacker with a weapon. I consider it my personal responsibility as a gun owner and concealed weapon permit holder, to be able to retain my gun and prevent it from being used against me in an attack. I was thrilled to find iProtect USA, and I plan to continue learning with them for a long time, because their training is invaluable. After all, how can we ever put a price on our lives, or the lives of our loved ones? – Wendy. Miami, FL.