A sudden murderous violent attack by those intending to maximize damage
against as many victims as possible before resistance is met.

This is the way of the sudden spree mass killer.  These massacres have many names including: Active Shooter, Rampage Killing, Mass Shooting, and Spree Killer among others.  Look back at the frequency and destruction of Mass Murder Ambush (MMA).  You will clearly notice that each reaps more sophistication and carnage over the previous.  Do the research and discover those who escaped unharmed were lucky.  They followed their instincts to flee and fortunately found a route to do so.  The problem with luck is its outcome is left to chance.  Not everyone will be given a chance to flee.

Recent Active Shooter
 offenders have discovered improved ways of reducing victim escape odds by accelerating ambush methods.  He is an adversary who is relentlessly planning and training to do great harm.

So what follows instinct when you are trapped and cannot run?  Many victims are known to have courageously defied instinct by remaining with loved ones who were unable to run.  Others ran but could not come up with a survival plan while in the frenzy of being hunted down.  Although notable, instincts were not enough for either of them.

Training provides a defender’s edge against the odds of
MMA success.  When imminent murderous attack is upon you and those you care for, you are the true first line of defense.  The MMA offender is betting that you freeze in panic.  In the end, any imaginable reason to wait and hide cannot help you and outcome cannot be guaranteed but you know you must do something.  Pre-planning and training is the answer for you, your family and your organization today.

Team iProtect
USA is ready to take the first step in exploring your MMA survival action plan.

“Don’t be a defenseless victim.”

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