iProtect USA is a 501 (c) (3), non-profit organization located in Miami, FL offering a variety of self-defense, reality based tactical training.

We specialize in offering a broad personal protection program series which adopts, adapts & fuses together proven methods of personal defense against all stages of perceived and actual violent conflict.

iProtect USA are proud to be industry leaders in self-defense tactics and techniques.

The iProtectUSA instructorship arsenal includes field operators from the Law Enforcement, Military, Security, Martial Arts and Personal Protection arenas.  Our martial skill training includes;

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Judo, Sambo, Kali, Mixed Martial Arts, Escrima, Boxing, Muay Thai, Krav Maga, LEO & Military Defensive Tactics.

The application of real world experience in our instruction is essential to the service we provide.  We seek to provide an efficient and proportional view of physical personal defense skills so individuals can effectively and appropriately protect themselves and those they care for.

   Constant analysis of street violence trends and patterns give us an edge over the market. We understand that offenders are always seeking ways on recreating themselves to evade exposure and capture.  The ability to anticipate what the predator will do is essential to defensive evasion, avoidance and survival.

We have taught clients of mixed professional backgrounds and varied ranks and levels including law enforcement, military, security, martial arts and personal protection.  Many black belts have studied at our seminars.  Most of our students are firearm proficient and carry a variety of professional and personal weapons.  Hundreds of our students have trained and carry intermediate weapons including baton, chemical irritant spray, stun devices and improvised weaponry.

We are proud to have taught nearly 17,000 students and look forward to working with you.

Mission Statement

At iProtectUSA we strive to provide results-oriented personal protection strategies, training and services. We are driven by the knowledge that the client is the true first line of defense during all levels and categories of interpersonal conflict. The iProtectUSA Team and clients work together to acheive the highest level of personal protection for individual, family and group security.  Our client’s conflict resolution victory is our victory.