Stun devices (Stun guns) are self protection tools designed to immobilize an animal’s or person’s ability to attack a victim by interrupting balance, orientation and fortitude. The affects are intended to be temporary and work without inflicting serious injury to the offender. 

 Ask anyone stunned by a quality stun device about it’s affects & they will give a testimonial of it’s effectiveness.  But, we have witnessed many occassions when the use of the device has failed due to the user’s unanticipated panic and physical skill break down.  The success of any self defense plan depends on having a skill set and challenging it against real life simulated violent conflict scenarios.
This is where your iProtectUSA team coaches enter.  We provide field proven technique and condition you through a variety common real life attack simulations.  You will learn result oriented technique, high stress managment & tactical fundamentals using your preferred stun device.  You can practice your new skill set using our STUNDER™ – Stun Device Readiness training drills.  You’ll understand the required timing, speed & power of a stun device/ stun gun during a confrontation where you will be 

stun device ready.

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